The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board asked us to create a new brand, as their existing brand hadn't been updated since they were founded over 20 years ago.
We created a new logo, a fresh and dynamic colour palette, eye-catching photography style, and we used a modern and versatile font – Effra by Dalton Maag.
The logo is made up of two elements: the spark/asterisk icon, and the organisation acronym, which runs over two lines.
There is also an secondary logo that can be used if it is more appropriate to spell out the full company name. Usually the company name will be used in conjunction with the logo so in most cases it will not be necessary to use the secondary logo.
The various sectors each have their own icon and colour. The sectors are: chemical, food and drink, nuclear, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation, renewables, and water treatment.
The logo sits front and centre on the updated ECITB website.
The spark/asterisk can be used on its own, as seen here on a website banner.
As ECITB do a lot of presentations we created a presentation template for them to use, including specific templates for each sector. The spark/asterisk can also be used to hold imagery, as seen here.
For social media avatars the spark/asterisk is used on its own on a white background. As seen in the Twitter post, the asterisk can be used to link headlines directly to the logo (*Building the best). 
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